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Rico Strong stabs tiny teen Riley Reid in her tight white cunt over and over until he empties himself dry into her. Looks like she'll have to use Plan B and pray her parents don't find out.

But I don’t want you to cum in there :(

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Larisa Lermilov is just like any submissive petite teen you may stumble across.  She desires to be controlled and fucked senselessly… hair pulling is a prerequisite for Larisa. Sure, it's all fun and games now... but you sort of begin to feel bad for the girl after hearing her sobs while two huge cocks split both her holes in half.

I promise I'll be a good girl.

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If you should ever feel bad for an anus, it should probably be this assfucked teen’s little anus. Watching this 19-year-old sweetheart named Zanna get fucked in such a manner WITHOUT ANY LUBE, by such a massive dick, was unsettling to watch to say the least. There’s no doubt about it; her asshole is forever broken.

RRRrrip, Teen Brutally Ass Fucked Without Lube

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Veronica can hardly take the brutal abuse on her teen pussy. She never thought her pussy was capable of stretching so much!


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Wow, what an ambitious young teen slut this Zanna is. She takes an insanely hung cock for her first anal experience.

Anal virginity. Aaaaand it’s gone.

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Some guys are pros at removing bras with one hand.  Alina West, however, is a pro at unzipping zippers and she can do it with her eyes closed.  Watch this blonde teen slut get broken!

Yes Mister, you can do anything

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Little Vanessa got surpised by this big dick. Will it fit in her tiny pussy? Well, you know what they say: if you don't try, you'll never know...

WOW! Can I suck on this please?

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Something tells us this may be the last time teen Raya Missalov lets big cock anywhere near her pussy.  Stephanie’s cunt gets more stretched out than a prostitute’s anus on a Friday night, thanks to the 11” cock that probes her uterus.


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"Fuck me like the little slut I am!", Kimberly said. Needless to say he didnt think twice about it before sticking his dick in her.

Get down on all fours like the fuck puppy you are!

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Not exactly sure what the fuck they expect me to do with his huge cock with my hands tied...Guess I'll just have to do my best while he stuffs his cock in my helpless holes.

Ginger's first time being tied and plowed

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